Portable Dog Paw Washer & Cleaner
Portable Dog Paw Washer & Cleaner
Portable Dog Paw Washer & Cleaner
Portable Dog Paw Washer & Cleaner

Portable Dog Paw Washer & Cleaner

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Pet Paw and Feet Cleaner/Massager

Need an easy, portable option to clean your dog's paws? This dog paw cleaner, is the new technology that will allow you to clean your pets furry feet and paws safely with complete efficiency.

Pet Owners Say This Dog Paw Cleaner 'Cuts Cleaning Time in Half' |  PEOPLE.com

This new silicon device with assist to remove mud, dirt, dust and sand off the paws of your furry friends. This will be amazing for your house, keeping dirt off your carpet, furniture and even car.

The soft silicon bristles allow for easy and safe dirt removal from paws, nails and lower legs.

How To Clean Dog Paws | Skout's Honor – Skout's Honor

This device is also a great way to remove contact allergens from grasses, etc for allergic dogs. 

The dog paw cleaning cup comes in one convienent size, which is perfect for all types and sizes of dogs!

The 5 Best Dog Paw Cleaners

You can take this anywhere you like, on walks or trips to allow for the best experience for your favourite friends. Treat them like you would treat yourself!



Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Milton Boyle

I bought the size L - it fits well for small husky. For Shepherd or Labrador it would be too small, I think. In works really well - clean the paws, and the water is really dirty after it. I can recommend it, quite comfortable.

Greta Rippin

If your dog weighs more than 25 kg, then take the largest size. The cooking is quite tough inside, so it's better than torturing a dog.

Darlene Brekke

The goods are good. I recommend the product. Very quickly sent the goods

Geovanni Hilll

It's awesome! I used it on my Amstaff (20kg), She got used to it quick. I believe the bigger size would be even better for her size. The product arrived pretty fast in Romania

Aileen Jaskolski

Dogs are crazy about it